More about me

In addition to being a journalist, I am an art and music lover. I seem to find myself enjoying art that is unpolished - providing a raw and honest point of view.

As far as music goes, I run the gamut. I enjoy listening to everything from classical to pop, punk to Motown. I've been known to sing a song or two now and then, although not as often as I used to.

I care very much about social responsibility. Some of my main concerns include green living/conservation of resources, women’s and children's issues and animal cruelty. I do a lot of volunteer work in my spare time with Waiting For a Cure - a local breast cancer support group, Southern Pines Animal Shelter, March of Dimes, Spirit of Women and others. I am a former board member of the Southeast Mississippi chapter of the American Red Cross and Jackson County (Miss.) Arts Council.

I grew up in a city on the Pacific coast, so I love the beach, the cry of the gulls and the smell of salt in the air. I enjoy the outdoors - hiking and boating or just watching the wildlife in my back yard.

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, especially around a home-cooked meal. I love strong coffee, dark chocolate and fresh-baked bread.

Some of my hobbies include cooking, gardening, and making a variety of soap, candles and lotions.