I have been a journalist for more than 15 years, with expertise in writing, editing, multimedia and layout/design. For the last seven years my primary focus has been in digital and social media, although I still write and edit content for print publications.

Part of my job includes taking complicated information and helping our staff break it down to make it understandable to a general audience. In addition to writing stories, that information is further disseminated by adding other components that include spreadsheets, maps, photo galleries, videos and more.

I host workshops and give presentations to businesses, professional organizations and college students on communications in the workplace, social media applications, how to use social media for engaging a target audience, how to write effective stories and other related topics.

I am passionate about everything I do, and pour all of my energy, heart and soul into any project I undertake. I am creative and full of great ideas, but I feel that the best ideas come from a team effort.

I believe that integrity is the foundation for building success. Credibility and reliability are central components of building a strong customer base. Clear and concise information broadens that base.

Our customers come back day after day, month after month, because they know they can rely on us to provide accurate and current news and information that is relevant to them. It is my goal to use these practices in my future endeavors.

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